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HealthFarm brings Raw Nutrition to India with some tweaks, bigger sizes and a mass gainer

Raw Nutrition In India

Reputable Raw Nutrition has made a selection of its sports nutrition supplements available for purchase in the immensely fast-growing market of India in partnership with the retailer and brand HealthFarm Nutrition. Fans of the brand in the country can now get their hands on eight products from Raw, although there are some differences between a few of the supplements’ original US versions and what’s available in India.

HealthFarm Nutrition is carrying more basic standalone products in Creatine, Glutamine, and Raw EAA. There are also the pre-workouts Thavage and Raw Pump, both of which are different from what you get here in North America, such as Thavage having more beta-alanine at 4g but much less caffeine at 150mg. Lastly, there are the protein products Raw Protein, the premium whey isolate Itholate, and an all-new item.

Raw Mass Gainer

The supplement you can purchase from Raw Nutrition in India and not the US is Raw Mass Gainer, which makes sense as high-calorie mass proteins are a hugely popular type of protein powder in the region. Raw Mass Gainer is a relatively straightforward competitor with 48g of protein, a serving from whey concentrate, 223g of carbohydrates mostly from maltodextrin with 40g of that sugar, low fat, and a strong 1,070 calories.

The prices of the Raw Nutrition products in India are much lower than what you’ll see them for in America; for example, a full-size tub of the alternatively formulated Thavage is currently ₹1,749 (21.40 USD) from HealthFarm Nutrition, while the brand’s US website has it at $49.99. Another interesting addition to the line for the country is Itholate comes in a larger 4.4lb tub size, which like Raw Mass Gainer, isn’t elsewhere.