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SNS adds a stackable fadogia product to its catalog at a competitive price

Serious Nutrition Solutions Fadogia Xt

Serious Nutrition Solutions is one of the most comprehensive, specialized, and advanced supplement companies out there and is one of our few go-to brands when we want to put together a stack for a specific purpose, phase, or goal. SNS has many reputable and highly effective complex products, such as the leading fat burners Lean Edge and Thermo Scorch, as well as some rare stackable standalone supplements.

Fadogia XT is one of the latest, more straightforward products from Serious Nutrition Solutions, and knowing the name, you could probably figure out the muscle-building ingredient it is centered around. The newly released Fadogia XT is a fadogia agrestis supplement featuring a solid 625mg of FadogiaPure branded fadogia agrestis in every capsule, combining for 1.25g if you take two per day, as the brand directs.

With every advanced and straightforward product Serious Nutrition Solutions adds to its lineup, fans are simply given more to add to their arsenal for whatever their goals may be. Fadogia XT gives anyone looking to increase testosterone, build muscle, and enhance performance another supplement to help do precisely that, and from SNS, it is very cost-effective at $39.99 before discount for a large bottle of 120 capsules.