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Hydration space sees another gaming brand take it on in the UK-based Sneak

Sneak Hydrate

The UK gaming brand Sneak is following in the footsteps of other competitors in its specialized space, like G Fuel, Glitch, Rogue, and ADVANCEDgg, and releasing a caffeine-free hydration supplement. Several gamer brands have made this move over the last few years, with those mentioned just being a few of them, and here in 2023, Sneak is making the move, introducing its obviously named Sneak Hydrate.

Sneak Hydrate brings together a selection of vitamins and essential electrolytes to support and improve its primary benefit of hydration, and once again, no caffeine, so there is no high-powered energy component like the brand’s original product. The only second-ever supplement from the always creative company still promises to deliver a great taste with absolutely zero sugar, and it utilizes all-natural colors and flavors.

Sneak is looking to roll out its hydration-supporting Sneak Hydrate later today in a few hours or so, directly through the brand’s UK online store. It is worth noting the debut is exclusive to UK shoppers, with Europe and the US not gaining access to the product for another month or so in June. The hydration supplement is going to have 30 servings a tub in three flavors, with Raspberry Lemonade, Cherry Bomb, and Electric Mango.