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Reputable SNS brings its reliably advanced touch to the specialized kidney health space

Sns Kidney Assist Xt

Serious Nutrition Solutions, or more simply SNS, has dropped a completely new specialized supplement by the name of Kidney Assist XT, and this is another one of its packed-out, well-put-together advanced products. The brand is known for producing some impressively loaded formulas for very specific areas and categories throughout the industry, and Kidney Assist falls into that, being dedicated to supporting kidney health.

As you’d expect from SNS, Kidney Assist XT is loaded with premium, proven, and reliable ingredients and dosages for its primary benefit of supporting and improving kidney health and function. There are some other related features the brand promotes for its latest advanced supplement, including support for urinary tract and bladder health, kidney detoxification, and protecting your immune system.

Sns Kidney Assist Xt Label

We’ve got the facts panel for you to look over in the image above, and it has an absolutely colossal serving size, one of the biggest we can recall seeing at 12 capsules. Filling out that hefty serving is a gram each of grape seed, cranberry extract, and milk thistle, half a gram of superior Curcumin C3 Complex, 300mg of pine bark, and 4g of astragalus. Then to ramp up absorption and efficacy, SNS has thrown AstraGin and BioPerine into Kidney Assist XT at 50mg and 10mg, respectively.

Interestingly, there are two ways to purchase Kidney Assist XT from SNS’; one bottle with 180 capsules and one with twice as much at 360 capsules. The reason behind this is that the brand does suggest a half serving of six capsules, and if you buy the 180 count and go that route, it’ll last one month. If you take the maximum amount of 12 capsules and want a month’s supply, that’s where the 360 capsule option comes in.

Like all of the advanced and complex supplements from SNS, Kidney Assist XT is reasonably priced, especially for what you get, with the 180 capsule at $32.99 before any discount, and the larger 360 capsule at $49.99.