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Supplement Needs improves each of the items in its more bioavailable Liposomal Range

Supplement Needs Improves Its Liposomal Range

Supplement Needs has completely overhauled its premium Liposaomal Range, which is a collection of products in liquid format for superior bioavailability compared to taking them in traditional capsule or powder. The retailer and brand still have all of the same supplements centered around the same key ingredients, but with a few changes to further push the idea behind the items; to get more out of each of the components.

Firstly you have Supplement Needs’ Liposomal Range Vitamin C featuring Quali-C branded vitamin C, in a completely new Pineapple flavor. Next is CoQ10, now with twice as much of the title ingredient per serving at 200mg and better taste, then Curcumin with Resveratrol in a new Cherry Vanilla option. Last but not least is Liposomal Range Glutathione, maintaining its original 450mg of patented Setria glutathione a serving, and that also has a new flavor to choose from in Strawberry Vanilla.

There is one other product in the Liposomal Range from Supplement Needs, and it’s the only one that comes in a dropper bottle with Vitamin B12. The brand has tweaked the bottle design of the supplement and put together a new flavor, the same as Glutathione’s in Strawberry Vanilla. While that is plenty to be excited about, there is one other feature added to the Liposomal Range, and that is increased shelf life to where, once opened, everything in the line can be consumed for up to 90 days.

The pricing on each item in the new and improved Liposomal Range varies, starting as low as £19.99 (24.86 USD) for Vitamin C and going up to £44.99 (55.95 USD) for the premium Setria supplement Glutathione. Supplement Needs also has a bundle on its website at where two particular Liposomal products in, Glutathione and Curcumin with Resveratrol, are £72.99 instead of their usual £78.98.