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Trained By JP adds yet another amino to give fans four products in the category

Trained By Jp Nutrition Eaa Hydration

Trained By JP Nutrition from reputable bodybuilding coach Jordan Peters, already has a handful of amino cocktails on the market in the incredibly cost-effective EAA, the performance-supporting Peak Aminos, and the advanced MPSmax. While four is undoubtedly enough to cover most situations and fit most consumers’ needs, the brand has found room for another which sorts of sits between EAA and the complex Peak Aminos.

EAA+Hydration is precisely what it sounds like, in an EAA-based amino supplement from Trained By JP Nutrition that has added ingredients to support hydration. To be clear, this is not the already available EAA plus hydration components, as even though it has all nine EAAs, they’re not at the same dosages. The hydration spin-off has a combined 7.32g of recovery-enhancing EAAs, with 4.13g of that being made up of BCAAs.

As mentioned, Trained By JP Nutrition has added a hydration portion to EAA+Hydration with a relatively straightforward 95mg of potassium and 210mg of magnesium. The latest from the UK brand has the usual 30 servings a tub costing £19.99 (25.14 USD), which is a bit above EAA’s £44.99 for 66 servings. EAA+Hydration also has several flavors in Sour Watermelon, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Sour Cherry, Sour Peach Ring, and Fizzy Blue Bottles.