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More candy creations come to VMI’s lineup of flavors for its signature K-XR pre-workout

Vmi Sports Peach Mango Rings K Xr

One of the supplements VMI Sports has built its name on is the well-rounded, mainstream priced pre-workout K-XR, featuring a full 3.2g of beta-alanine, half a gram of VitaCholine for focus, and a strong blend of various caffeine sources providing a combined 400mg. The brand has maintained the formula behind the product for some time, and continued to add flavors to its menu, something it has done once again this month.

VMI Sports hasn’t been short on flavors for its K-XR pre-workout for a long time, with many different tastes to choose from, like Gummy Bear, Blackberry Lemonade, Miami Vice, and the alternatively branded Blue Shark Gummy. Taking the menu of K-XR even closer to a total of ten is another sweet candy-themed creation in Peach Mango Rings, inspired by the classic peach ring candy, and it’s available now direct at $34.99 a tub.

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