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Zoomad relaunches its Caretaker Series sleep aid with a more effective formula

Zoomad Labs Reformulated Sleeper

The instantly recognizable and almost unmissable-on-shelves brand, Zoomad Labs, has revamped and relaunched another one of its more advanced supplements in the sleep aid, Caretaker Sleeper. Like most reformulations, the Spanish sports nutrition company has changed a few ingredients and dosages in the product but maintained its primary goals of supporting a good night’s sleep for better rest and recovery.

Zoomad Labs’ new and improved Caretaker Sleeper, or simply Sleeper from the outside-of-the-gym Caretaker Series, comes with 6g of BCAAs at a leucine-heavy ratio and 5g of premium Kyowa Quality glutamine to help out on the recovery side of things. You then have all of the components included to get you to sleep, ensure you get deep quality sleep, and reap the recovery rewards of better sleep in the morning.

Each serving of the flavored Sleeper from Zoomad Labs packs 5-HTP, a light half-gram dose of GABA, 50mg of theanine, 100mg of chamomile, and 30mg of lavender. The brand has also thrown the incredibly effective and reliable melatonin into the Caretaker Series nighttime supplement and it is in there at a noticeable amount of 1.9mg, or practically 2mg.

As with all of Zoomad Labs’ products, Sleeper comes with the face of an animal molded into the side of its tub, and in the case of anything from the Caretaker collection of supplements, that face is a tough dog wearing an eye patch. The updated Sleeper is rolling out to stores and stockists in the brand’s home country of Spain and other places in Europe with a strong selection of five flavors, such as Silk Orange and Fresh Cola.