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Gaming brand ADVANCEDgg adds a touch of spice to its more advanced offering

Advancedgg Mango Jalapeno Focus

Gaming supplement companies don’t tend to spread themselves too thin compared to sports nutrition brands with multiple products for different benefits, areas of performance, and even types of lifestyle. They tend to have one or two, sometimes a beverage, and maybe a few other basics, but most of the time, gaming competitors stick to one or two, and they still put in maximum effort, frequently bringing new flavor innovations to market.

ADVANCEDgg is one of the faster-moving companies in the giant gaming space, which only a few days ago dropped a collaboration with the popular online multiplayer game Smite in a special edition flavor named Godslayer. We’ve got the busy brand back at it, sharing another extension, this time for the menu of its more advanced and effective Focus supplement, although this is not one for fans that don’t want a bit of spice in their life.

ADVANCEDgg has been in the kitchen and cooked up a fruity and spicy Mango Jalapeno flavor, again for its more advanced gaming supplement Focus, designed to support and enhance energy and mental focus. As per usual, you can purchase the latest product from ADVANCEDgg through its online store, where a tub of Focus carries a regular and reasonable price of $44.99.

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