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All Good’s clean and nutritious Protein Rice Cream is getting a 60% smaller size

All Good Nutrition Smaller Protein Rice Cream

All Good Nutrition in Australia introduced a rather interesting twist of the increasingly popular cream of rice supplement with Protein Rice Cream, which is more of a balanced nutritional item. The high protein and similarly high carbohydrate product combines granulated rice, quality MCTs, and two plant-based sources of protein in gold hemp seed and pea isolate, again, resulting in a balanced meal solution made with whole food ingredients.

Previously, All Good Nutrition had only one size for Protein Rice Cream in a traditional tub tipping the scales at around 2.5lbs, and packing enough powder to provide 25 complete servings. Rolling out to stores shortly down under in Australia is a smaller size of the cream of rice supplement for those who maybe want to sample it before investing in the much bigger 2.5lb tub or those that are already fans and want a more convenient package.

All Good Nutrition’s smaller Protein Rice Cream has a weight of 460g, exactly 40% of the larger bottle, giving you around ten servings in the same Delicious Chocolate and Vanilla Cinnamon flavors, although when it does eventually arrive, like most smaller alternatives, it won’t be as cost-effective.