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All Nutrition puts two separate bars in its wholefood snack Raw Wow

All Nutrition Raw Wow

All Nutrition in Poland is an impressively busy company, frequently throwing out flavor extensions and completely new products in all sorts of formats, from classic sports nutrition to various functional foods. The latest from the popular brand falls into the latter side of things in a wholefood-fueled functional item named Raw Wow, featuring a unique eating experience where you get two separate pieces per pack.

Raw Wow from All Nutrition is pictured above, and even from the outside, you can see it has a bit of a split design as half the wrapper is colored purple, pink, and blue, and the other half is green and yellow. It is worth noting this is not a single bar split in two; the pieces inside are indeed different in terms of taste and texture but have the same goal of being a clean source of nutrition with no focus on overly high protein.

You get two 35g bars in All Nutrition’s Raw Wow, and together they provide a low 2.5g of protein, 6.1g of fat, and the largest macronutrient, carbohydrates sitting at 41g with 33g of that sugar, none of it is added sugar, and a calorie count of 237. As mentioned, the two bars offer a different taste and texture where one half promises a sweet blend of coconut and apricot, and the other half is Brazil nuts and mango.

We have seen protein snacks and better-for-you bars that have the two-piece approach, although they’re almost always two pieces of the same product, making All Nutrition’s newest functional item a unique creation.