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Anarchy Labs on the search for an ambassador to go with its highly-anticipated return

Anarchy Labs Looking For An Ambassador

Apollon Nutrition recently announced the return of its original hardcore sister company, Anarchy Labs, the original name behind the powerhouse, high-energy stimulant pre-workout Assassin, that is now under Apollon. Anarchy is making its return shortly with its own version of Assassin, separate from the one already on the market — which will remain — plus several other high-powered products fit for the name and reputation.

Anarchy Labs continues to make things exciting, announcing that alongside preparing for the return of its hardcore supplements, it is on the lookout for a single premier ambassador similar to Apollon Nutrition’s star athlete and legendary bodybuilder, Branch Warren. The individual it’s looking for is ideally accomplished, outspoken, and knowledgeable of sports nutrition products and the ingredients and dosages that go into them.

Basically, if you feel like you’d be a great fit for the hardcore look and feel of Anarchy Labs, and the powerhouse supplements it is bringing to market, feel free to reach out to the brand through Instagram, introduce yourself, and make your case as to why you’d make a great face for Anarchy.

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