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Classic combination chocolate and banana makes it four flavors for Bodylab’s signature protein bar

Bodylab Chocolate Banana Protein Bar

Bodylab in Denmark is home to all sorts of sports nutrition supplements, multi-benefit beverages, and functional foods to help you along your fitness journey and healthy lifestyle, including its signature, self-titled Bodylab Protein Bar. That very product is welcoming another flavor this week, and an interesting one at that, as it’s relatively different from the other tastes that are available, which are Ultimate Chocolate, White Chocolate Cookie, and the sweet and salty Cashew Caramel.

Bodylab is adding an extra bit of sweetness to its flagship Protein Bar, giving the product its first fruity flavor but with an infusion of decadent milk chocolate in Chocolate Banana. The on-the-go snack has all of the bar’s usual macros in 16g of protein, 17g of carbohydrates with 2.2g of that sugar, 7.7g of fat, and sub-200 calories at 195. Also, if you visit the brand’s online store soon, you’ll be able to take advantage of its introductory sale, where a box of the product is DKK 159, down from 239.

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