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Following feedback Buck Bar relaunches with a new formula and improved experience

Bucked Up Buck Bar

Several months ago, Bucked Up launched its first-ever functional food in the Buck Bar featuring that common wholefood build of peanuts, whey for the heightened protein, and honey. After receiving what we’re guessing wasn’t overly great or completely positive feedback, the widely available brand decided to revamp the product, making several tweaks and changes, and now it’s introducing the new and improved Buck Bar.

Bucked Up has said its remade the high-protein bar with a refreshed formula and some entirely new flavors to choose from. The updated Buck Bar doesn’t have any honey like its predecessor but still has some similar main ingredients, including whey isolate and concentrate, peanuts, dates, and crispy protein pieces. We never tried the original, although it certainly sounds like a different bar than what fans experienced previously.

The nutrition profile of Bucked Up’s improved Buck Bar is a little more calorie-dense than the original, with a similar 17g of protein, 7 to 8g of fat, a higher 28 to 30g of carbohydrates, and 15 to 17g of that sugar and 4g fiber, all for 200 to 210 calories. The 200 calories is what you get in the Chocolate Cookie, Salted Caramel Peanut, and Snickerdoodle flavors, and 210 in the chocolate, coconut, and almond recipe Dream Bar.

The second iteration of the Buck Bar has officially replaced the original over on Bucked Up’s online store with boxes of a dozen protein-packed snacks at $29.95; however, no variety bundle with the whole menu in one, so you’ll need to purchase individual bars or a box of each to try the complete family.