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Bulk looks to recreate lean and protein-packed ground beef with a plant-based twist

Bulk Vegan Pea Protein Mince

There are all sorts of plant-based products in the sports nutrition industry, the majority of them being twists on animal-sourced supplements people are already familiar with, one of the most popular being vegan-friendly protein powder. The internationally-available Bulk from the UK, is a brand that has many different plant-powered products on the market, the newest being the intriguing Vegan Pea Protein Mince.

Basically, Bulk has attempted to recreate the classic ground beef or mince meal in its latest supplement, although as the name says, it is not made with meat and is suited for those living a vegan-friendly lifestyle. The product is made from just two ingredients in pea isolate for protein and pea flour, and to prepare it, the brand directs you to simply put it into boiling water, cover, set aside for 20 minutes, then it’s good to go.

The preparation is very straightforward, and the result is intended to be a plant-powered meal that feels like real ground beef with some equally solid nutrition at 25g of protein a serving, 2.2g of fat, 2.8g of carbohydrates, and 136 calories. If the supplement sounds like something of interest, you can pick it up straight from the brand’s online store for only £9.99 (12.43 USD) for a 300g bag, which is about eight servings.