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Monster Ultra and Bum Energy currently leading the Clash Of The Cans semifinals

Clash Of The Cans 23 Semifinals Update

We are a little later in the day, but as per usual, for the latest round of Clash Of The Cans, powered by Dynamine, we have an update on the current standings. For those that missed it, we had two well-established energy drinks and two newcomers knock out the rest of the top 16 from round one. RYSE Fuel managed to fight off Redcon1 Energy, BUM Energy battled past Ghost, C4 Energy topped past champion RAZE, and Monster Ultra won out over the likes of Celsius and Christian Guzman’s 3D Energy.

There are two groups of two in the semifinals of this year’s Dynamine-powered Clash Of The Cans, with Monster Ultra taking on the first-ever champion of our energy drink showdown in C4 Energy, and the less than one-year-old beverages RYSE Fuel and Bum Energy from Chris Bumstead, fighting it out in the other group. The leaders at the moment of those pairs are Monster Ultra in front by about 10% against past-champion C4 Energy, and Bum Energy, with a stronger distance against RYSE Fuel.

For those that have voted, we deeply appreciate you taking the time and supporting one or two energy drinks in our Clash Of The Cans semifinals. As for those that haven’t voted, when you have a spare moment, simply visit and show some love to Monster Ultra or C4 Energy, and RYSE Fuel or Bum Energy. The polls close at midnight Eastern Time this coming Sunday; then, it is on to the undoubtedly intense grand final.