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CTRL improves its balanced meal replacement designed specifically for gamers

Ctrl Revamp Meal Replacement

CTRL is not your typical gaming supplement company, far from it; instead of making a powder product or beverage to increase energy and enhance focus, it entered the space with a balanced meal replacement. The idea is CTRL’s signature supplement is a quick, clean, and convenient way to get in the nutrition you need and get back to gaming. It eventually introduced a delicious bar featuring the same sort of idea and approach.

Currently, if you visit CTRL’s online store at, you’ll find that almost every one of its products is out of stock, although this isn’t by accident. The gaming brand is getting ready to completely relaunch itself with several exciting changes in store for fans. Firstly, CTRL has revamped the appearance of its supplements, refreshing its packaging and branding, which will immediately add some intrigue and excitement.

The other side of CTRL’s revitalization is its original meal replacement, as, in its own words, it is taking the product to “the next level”. When the brand’s imminent restock takes place, its balanced nutrition supplement will have a better taste, all while lowering the sugar and cholesterol. CTRL has also brought the calories down by a substantial amount from around 280 to 230; however, it has said you’ll feel just as full despite the drop.

One last change to mention regarding CTRL’s gamers’ meal replacement is there will be fewer servings when the updated product debuts. Due to feedback from fans, the brand is lowering the number of servings from 20 to 15. It is clearly a lot of tweaks and improvements coming from CTRL, and it’s happening fast, as the brand is planning on dropping the complete makeover in a little less than a week on the first of next month.

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