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Designer Protein’s pouch-packaged product doubles the size of its menu

Designer Doubles Protein Smoothie Lineup

Designer Protein is heavily known for its variety of protein powders, including the likes of Designer Lite, Designer Collagen, Designer Egg, and the more traditional, whey-based, Designer Whey. Another popular product from the brand is its on-the-go, wholefood, high-protein snack, Protein Smoothie, which combines real fruit and premium whey isolate as its source of protein, providing 12g of protein a pack and 120 calories.

Previously Designer Protein had only three flavors to choose from for its compact and convenient Protein Smoothie with Tropical Fruit, Strawberry Banana, and Mixed Berry; a menu that has just been doubled in size. The protein specialist has three new options on the menu, and similar to the original lineup, they’re all made with real fruits, and they sound just as sweet in Blueberry Vanilla, Peach Mango, and Raspberry Passion Fruit.

As with most releases from sports nutrition and functional food companies, the latest from Designer Protein is available first through its online store, where packs of a dozen high-protein pouches will cost you $39.99, and there is a variety pack with four of each of the flavor extensions for the same price.