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Elderflower comes to the rescued fruit juice energy drink Clean SAV:D for the summer

Elderflower Clean Savd

Clean SAV:D — originally Clean Rscued — is a Swedish functional beverage from the company behind Clean Drink, although the difference with this one is it’s made with saved fruit juices that would have been otherwise thrown away. Like Clean Drink’s signature beverage, the functional part of Clean SAV:D is energy as it combines the fruit juices that change from flavor to flavor with natural caffeine at 105mg a can.

Clean Drink does regularly release flavors for its flagship energy drink, and it consistently gives Clean SAV:D some love as well, which is what it’s doing again this week, announcing another taste for the product, although it is a temporary one. Available for a limited time in the brand’s home country of Sweden and other markets it reaches into in Europe is a flavor named Fläder, which translates to the rare but familiar Elderflower.

As mentioned, Clean SAV:D’s all-new Elderflower flavor is only around for a limited time; in fact, it’s been released as a summer edition experience, and it has all of the same highlights as the other options with a low 3.3g of carbohydrates, all of that being sugar, 13 calories, and an uplifting 105mg of natural caffeine.

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