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Force Factor tackles hydration from multiple angles in its unique Liquid Labs Series

Force Factor Liquid Labs

The trend of hydration supplements has continued at an almost weekly pace this year, with sports nutrition brands of all shapes and sizes putting together something for the now busy and competitive category. The widely available Force Factor is the latest to get in on the action, heavily known for its ForeBrain nootropics, LeanFire fat burners, and Test X180 testosterone boosters; now it has the hydration-supporting Liquid Labs.

Force Factor has actually taken quite an intricate approach to hydration in Liquid Labs, as it doesn’t have just a single supplement. Liquid Labs is, in fact, a family of products with a regular Liquid Labs, Liquid Labs Energy, Liquid Labs Immunity, Liquid Labs Beauty, and Liquid Labs Sleep. They all have the same core ingredients of pink Himalayan salt, coconut water, and premium Aquamin marine-sourced minerals, with the few components alongside all of that being what separates each of the variants.

Liquid Labs Energy takes that consistent combination of pink Himalayan salt, coconut water, and Aquamin and pairs it with taurine, ginseng, and 100mg of caffeine from green tea, for energy. Next is Liquid Labs Immunity with added elderberry, echinacea, acai berry, and ginger for immune health, then Liquid Labs Beauty pairing the hydration core with common beauty components in goji berry, pomegranate, acai berry, and hyaluronic acid.

Force Factor Liquid Labs 1

The fifth and final entry in Force Factor’s extensive Liquid Labs family is Liquid Labs Sleep, and like the others, you get those same hydration-supporting ingredients in pink Himalayan salt, coconut water, and Aquamin, with title supporting additions in theanine, chamomile, passion flower, hops, lemon balm, and melatonin. The benefits of each of the supplements are mentioned right in each of their names, essentially repurposing hydration for different lifestyles, occasions, and times of the day.

Force Factor has certainly made itself stand out in its collection of Liquid Labs products, which is always great to see, especially in a space, that, as touched on, is growing and expanding week after week. All of the supplements, from the regular Liquid Labs through to the nighttime-suited Liquid Labs Sleep, are available through Amazon at $14.98 for boxes of 20 single-serving stick packs, with most only having one flavor to choose from.