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Happy Way takes on the fruit-themed protein trend although not with complete proteins

Happy Way Protein Water

One of the long-running and still trucking along trends in sports nutrition is clear and refreshing protein powder, where brands make a protein-based supplement that has a fruity taste as opposed to something more milkshake-like. One of the earliest we remember doing this was Dymatize in its ISO100 spin-off ISO100 Clear, which was followed by many fruit-themed protein products, including Myprotein’s popular Clear Whey Isolate.

The trend wasn’t or isn’t limited to markets like the US, Canada, and the UK, it has gone all around the world, and this week it has traveled to Australia with Happy Way’s Protein Water. The brand has actually put together its latest supplement in partnership with its premier ambassador Ashy Bines, and while it is a like those other protein powders mentioned, having a fruit flavor, it does not rely on traditional sources to provide its protein.

Happy Way’s Protein Water actually primarily uses collagen and whey concentrate for its 21g of protein per serving. That is for the specifically named Whey Protein Water, as there is a plant-based alternative with Vegan Protein Water, although that doesn’t entirely use complete protein sources. The vegan version does have 20g of protein, but it’s mostly from free-form amino acids and a lesser amount of hydrolyzed pea protein, so most of the protein is from a combination of aminos, not food ingredients.

The rest of the macros in Happy Way’s Whey Protein Water and Vegan Protein Water are still relatively lean, with 3.8g of carbohydrates, half a gram of that sugar, 0.8 to 2.3g of fat, and 113 to 114 calories. The supplements are available for pre-order from the brand’s online store to ship in a couple of weeks at around $59 (39.13 USD) each, and they come in the same flavor, which, as mentioned is fruity with Grape Bubble Gum.