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HD Muscle introduces its mostly standalone six-piece Health Essentials Series

Hd Muscle Health Essentials Series

The reputable international sports nutrition company HD Muscle has been all about premium supplements since its debut, rolling out complex formulas full of reliable ingredients and dosages for popular and specialized categories. This month the brand is taking a turn at something a bit different, something on the simpler side of the industry, with the Health Essentials Series made up of simple and straightforward supplements.

HD Muscle’s Health Essentials Series is starting with six products, each named after its main ingredient. There is Betaine HCl with 700mg of betaine in each of its 180 capsules and 50mg of pepsin, and Citrus Bergamot with 500mg of bergamot and BioPerine. Next is Curcumin with half a gram of premium Curcumin C3 Complex and, once again, BioPerine, Vitamin K2, powered by superior MenaQ7 vitamin K2, D3 with 2,000iu of vitamin D3, and finally, Omega 3 with 850mg of omega fatty acids per softgel.

Only two of the first six Health Essentials Series supplements are available for purchase at the moment through HD Muscle’s online store with D3 and K2. The vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 products are priced at $12.99 a bottle, with 90 capsules in the former and 60 in the latter, and the other four Health Essentials supplements are expected to be joining those first two shortly.