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PRO:VOLU makes a fruit-flavored soda that’s packed with protein and infused with caffeine

Introducing Pro Volu

Functional beverages are showing up all over the place, with the majority of them being energizing carbonated drinks, although that’s not entirely the case with the one we have in the spotlight here today. Over in Denmark, the brand PRO:VOLU recently made its debut, the self-titled canned beverage, which is a combination of convenient, muscle-building nutrition and the common stimulating benefit of uplifting energy.

PRO:VOLU and its debut functional drink is essentially a protein-packed soda, where instead of the usual milkshake-like protein RTD, you get a fruit-flavored carbonated product that gives you a strong 18g of protein from high-quality hydrolyzed whey protein. That comes alongside impressively lean macros everywhere else, with less than half a gram of carbohydrates and fat, and an incredibly lean calorie count of 84.

As mentioned, there is an energy component to PRO:VOLU’s beverage; however, that is only included in one of its two versions. The brand has the simply named Protein Soda, then Protein Energy, which is kind of the same as it has an identical source of protein and nutrition profile. But alongside the clean macros is around 140mg of caffeine in a typical 440ml can, or more precisely 138mg, for a moderate increase in energy.

PRO:VOLU has certainly mixed things up with both of its functional drinks; the uniquely fruit-flavored sparkling protein drink Protein Soda, then it takes it even further in Protein Energy. You can find out more and purchase the brand’s products from its official website, with two flavors available at the moment in Mixed Berries for Protein Soda and Protein Energy, then a second taste just for Protein Energy in Lemon Lime.