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Introducing Kami Lobliner’s Lacuna Nutrition built specifically for female athletes

Kami Lobliner Lacuna Nutrition Omnia

Marc Lobliner has built a name for himself throughout the fitness industry from many different angles; with brands like Xtend, MTS Nutrition, and Ambrosia; at the retailer Tiger Fitness; and, of course, as a personality from all of his many social media platforms. Featured many times over the years on those social accounts is his daughter Kami Lobliner, who is following in his steps and created her very own supplement company.

Lacuna Nutrition is a health and wellness brand from Kami Lobliner, designed specifically for younger women and hard-training female athletes. The first supplement from Lacuna is Omnia, a daily multivitamin formula that brings together ten essential vitamins and minerals. All of the ingredients, including zinc, vitamin D, and iron, are dosed at precisely 100% of your daily recommended value, so you’re not falling short anywhere.

It’s always refreshing when a supplement company of any shape, size, or approach begins with something that isn’t overly traditional, and that’s precisely what Kami Lobliner and Lacuna Nutrition have done with their daily essential Omnia. The product also comes in a delicious mango and pineapple powder, not the typical capsules or tablets, and it’s available now through Tiger Fitness, where a tub of 24 servings will cost you $29.99.