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Banana Bread and Apple Pie join the already extensive menu of Legion’s Whey+

Legion Banana Bread Apple Pie Whey

Popular sports nutrition brand Legion isn’t seen adding completely new supplements to its selection all that much, but it stays busy, frequently adding more flavors to the menus of its star products. One of the supplements that receive a lot of attention from the brand on that side of things is its premier protein powder Whey+, which is one of three competitors it has in the saturated category, the other two being the slower digesting Casein+ and the vegan-friendly Plant+.

This week Legion is at it again, expanding the menu of its Whey+ protein powder, and with so many tastes already available to choose from, the latest additions are more on the uncommon side in the baked treat-inspired Banana Bread and Apple Pie made with actual cinnamon. Both products come with all of Whey+’s usual features, including 22g of protein a serving, entirely and transparently from premium whey isolate, 2 to 3g of carbohydrates, a gram of fat, and a low 110 calories.

You can pick up Legion’s Banana Bread and Apple Pie flavors of Whey+ straight from its online store at $59.99 for a bag of 30 servings, with 10% off if you subscribe to receive the protein powder on a regular basis or use the coupon code “FIRSTORDER” to get 20% off if this is your first order with the brand.