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Legion adds to its basic side with a reliable dosages of vitamins D, K1 and K2

Legion Vitamin Dk

Straightforward supplements can be as important as the more fun, effective, and advanced products out there, like you commonly see in the world of pre-workouts, weight loss, and muscle building. Basics are a great way to add something to your monthly stack that isn’t in any of your other supplements or get even more of an ingredient. The hugely popular brand Legion does have its fair share of complex formulas but also plenty of simple items, which is the side it is giving attention to this month.

Legion has revealed and released a relatively self-explanatory product that explains what it’s all about in its name, as it is titled after its key ingredients with Vitamin D+K. In each of the supplement’s 60 capsules a bottle, you get 50mcg of vitamin D, then the K portion with 100mcg of vitamin K1 and 170mcg K2. Altogether, the ingredients aim to improve cardiovascular health, immunity, insulin sensitivity, and more, and straight from the brand’s website, Vitamin D+K costs $29.99 for two months’ supply.