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Sports nutrition brands continue to jump into energy drinks with Life Pro’s Revival Bull

Life Pro Nutrition Revival Bull Energy Drink

The energy drink category is absolutely booming, and you only need to look as far as the past month here at Stack3d to see how true that is, as there is significantly more happening in that space than, say, one year or so ago. Interestingly, supplement companies from all over the globe are taking part in the trend, putting together carbonated beverages, many of them with advanced sports nutrition style formulas, the latest coming from Life Pro Nutrition.

Spain’s Life Pro Nutrition is spread across all sorts of categories in the world of supplements, and it has an extensive selection of functional foods, with a whole host of bars for different individuals and situations. Joining its lineup this month is the Revival Bull energy drink, and while we have seen a lot of robust blends of ingredients and dosages put into beverages lately, that is not the case this time around from the team at Life Pro Nutrition.

The Revival Bull energy drink realistically relies on three main features to deliver its convenient energizing experience, and those are B vitamins, taurine at 2g a can, and a respectable amount of caffeine for a reliable energy kick at 160mg. There are no additional pre-workout type components such as beta-alanine or anything like that, with Life Pro Nutrition keeping things relatively straightforward, and nutritionally it’s clean with no sugar and 15 calories.

Life Pro Nutrition’s first-ever canned and carbonated energy drink is available from this month in its home country of Spain as well as the rest of Europe, and the only detail we don’t have to share with you is what it tastes like. We can’t seem to find a description anywhere on the product itself or on the brand’s website, which has us thinking it’s sort of an original, signature taste.