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Max Protein recreates garlic aioli under its Grandma’s Sauce series with no sugar and low calories

Max Protein Majonesa Grandmas Sauce

Max Protein in Spain has been busier than usual this year, revealing and releasing a few items, although the thing it’s been doing more than anything else is expanding the menu of its already extensive Grandma’s Sauce series. Grandma’s Sauce is a low-sugar and low-calorie sauce available in a whole host of flavors, with the last two months or so expanding that menu even further, adding five completely new tastes.

This week, right before we move into the month of June, Max Protein is back again, and you could probably guess what it has to share. The busy brand has indeed dropped another flavor for its ever-expanding Grandma’s Sauce range, and like the rest of its options, this one is a twist on a traditional condiment. Max Protein has taken garlic aioli and created a version without sugar and very low calories, and called it Majonesa.

Max Protein’s better-for-you garlic aioli, or under the Grandma’s Sauce series, Majonesa, has about 2g of carbohydrates in a sizeable 30g serving, not even 100mg of sugar, 4.8g of fat with 40 calories. The product is rolling out to stores and stockists in the brand’s home country of Spain as well as surrounding European countries, with also now stocking Majonesa at €4.95 (5.31 USD) for a 290ml bottle.