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MBN blends collagen and glucosamine for beauty and joint benefits

Mbn Supplements Collagen Fusion

Muscle Body Nutrition, better known as MBN Supplements, is getting into the collagen game with Collagen Fusion, which from what we can see, it is not an overly straightforward product featuring just its title ingredient. Of course, collagen is a critical part of the supplement, and that brings all of the usual beauty benefits of collagen supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails, wrapped up in a flavored powder with no word on whether there is an unflavored option like many other collagen products.

Collagen Fusion from MBN Supplements has a relatively robust dosage of collagen at 10g a serving, in turn providing 10g of protein, and to further support joint comfort, mobility, and general joint health is another solid amount of a more dedicated joint ingredient in glucosamine. There may be more to the product, although for now, the 10g of collagen and 1.5g of glucosamine are all we know for sure about Collagen Fusion, with the supplement itself rolling out to stores in the coming months.