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Growing sports nutrition brand MBN finally dips its toes in the functional category

Mbn Supplements Protein Cookies

MBN Supplements in Europe has gradually built out its selection of sports nutrition products, and so far, they’ve all been relatively straightforward with various protein powders, aminos like BCAA and EAA, standalones, and some more complex items such as the pre-workout PRE. It had yet to step into the world of functional foods, although that changes this month as we approach the second half of the year with Protein Cookies.

Protein Cookies is the first-ever edible item from MBN Supplements, and while there are plenty of high-protein cookies on the market, this is not your typical competitor. The product is more of what, in Europe, you’d call a biscuit, sort of like a miniature, cookie-sized cake. The functional innovation has a crumbly main body, a gooey or creamy layer on top of that, then all around the outside are crispy pieces and a flavorful coating.

Interestingly, while the product does sound delicious, and pictures make it look like a moderately sized treat, MBN Supplements’ Protein Cookies are rather small, weighing in at 16g a piece. Also, despite the name making them sound like protein-heavy cookies, they’re not that loaded. A single cookie has a light 800mg to 1.5g of protein, around 5g of fat, 7.8 to 8.6g of carbohydrates, 1.1g or less of that sugar, and calories 79 to 84 calories.

MBN Supplements’ functional snack is available now in Europe in two flavors — chocolate-covered Brownie and white chocolate-covered White Chocolate — and instead of coming in single cookie packets or even two per pack, this product is only available in boxes of eight.