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MuscleTech strengthening its presence in the US with the powerhouse distributor SportLife

Muscletech X Sportlife Distribution

As we’ve said many times before here at Stack3d, while completely new supplements, product developments, and flavor extensions are exciting, and really drive the hype of the sports nutrition industry, availability and distribution is another critical part. Being able to get your hands on a product easily can sometimes be a deciding factor, such as waiting a few days for shipping or grabbing something at your local store, and it is that side of things that MuscleTech has some news on to round out the month of May.

The legacy supplement company has announced a partnership, where it has come together with the premier domestic distributor SportLife, which already carries a mountain of well-known brands. MuscleTech aims to further strengthen its presence throughout the US by working with SportLife, and its extensive network of specialty stores and gyms. The company will be carrying all of the brand’s hit supplements, including innovations the distributor can’t say more about yet but is extremely excited to get its hands on.

With this partnership, MuscleTech gains unparalleled access to thousands of supplement stores and gyms throughout America that cater to serious fitness enthusiasts. By seamlessly integrating its offerings into these exclusive establishments, MuscleTech can effectively connect with its target audience and showcase its cutting-edge sports supplements. The collaboration with SportLife Distribution not only opens doors to new markets but also amplifies the MuscleTech brand’s ability to commercialize new innovations and further support its future research and development initiatives.

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