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Myprotein creates a rarely seen cola flavor for three protein powders and a pre-workout

Myprotein Cola Bottle Collection

Myprotein has released an intriguing flavor innovation based on the candy of a similar name in Cola Bottle, inspired, of course, by the cola-tasting, glass bottle-shaped gummy candy. It’s actually rare to see a cola flavor for any type of supplement in sports nutrition, especially in the brand’s primary market of the UK and Europe; although interestingly, Myprotein’s Cola Bottle hasn’t been created for just a single product.

As mentioned, cola is not a common flavor in sports nutrition, let alone protein powders; however, three of the four products Myprotein has launched the flavor in, are indeed protein powders. There is a Cola Bottle Clear Whey Isolate, Cola Bottle Clear Vegan Protein, and Cola Bottle Clear Collagen. The fourth and final supplement is the well-dosed and well-rounded stimulant pre-workout with a Cola Bottle Alpha Pre-Workout.

All of the Cola Bottle-flavored products are in stock and available for purchase directly from Myprotein through its main online store at The cheapest of the lot is Clear Vegan Protein at £24.99, £28.99 for Alpha Pre-Workout, £31.99 for Clear Collagen, and £34.99 for Clear Whey Isolate. Each supplement has its usual formula and macros, such as Clear Whey Isolate with 21g of protein and a lean 86 calories.