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NutraOne releases a product with similar macros, ingredients and flavors to Vegan Creations

Nutraone Proteinone Vegan

In the area of protein powder, NutraOne has a nice variety of products, with something in each of the popular styles, including a whey blend, isolate-based, casein, and some products with more than protein, such as the meal replacement Real Meal and the gainer MassOne. The brand does compete on the plant-based side, too, with ProteinOne Vegan, and now it has a second supplement in that sub-category with ProteinOne.

Typically when a sports nutrition company like NutraOne, has two products in the same sort of space, it’s relatively clear what separates the two, although there isn’t a whole lot separating the already available Vegan Creations and the all-new ProteinOne Vegan. Like Vegan Creations, ProteinOne Vegan uses pea and rice as its sources of protein, providing around 20g of protein a serving, but much higher numbers elsewhere.

Alongside the 20g of protein, NutraOne’s ProteinOne Vegan has 4 to 6g of carbohydrates, 2.5 to 3.5g of fat, and 120 to 140 calories. That is not as lean as Vegan Creations, which has the same amount of protein but 90 to 100 calories; however, it seems as though ProteinOne Vegan is its replacement. As well as the key ingredients and macros being similar, the latest from the brand has the same three flavors in Chocolate Milk, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Cookie Butter.

As alike as NutraOne’s Vegan Creations and newly released ProteinOne Vegan are, they’re both available for purchase directly through its online store at at $42.99 for a marginally larger size in a bag of 30 servings. The brand is a part of the Defyned family, meaning when shopping directly with NutraOne, you can additionally purchase supplements from FoxyFit and Anabolic Warfare’s catalogs.