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Nutrex begins hyping the first major launch since its warrior supplements

Nutrex Building Up To Its Rebirth

The long-running Nutrex is getting ready to unleash its next big wave of supplements, similar to what it did a few years ago at the beginning of 2020 when it introduced the warrior-themed collection. All of the products in that line were relatively mainstream and relied on common ingredients and dosages from the pre-workouts Outlift Amped, Warrior, and Alpha Pump, through to some of the legacy-named items like Lipo-6 and Anabol.

At the moment, not much has been said about the upcoming supplements from Nutrex, only that a lot of hype is going into this, to the extent that the first and second teasers have not made mention of any specific product or category, but are of a high standard. The brand is referring to its upcoming launch as a “rebirth” which does suggest it is overhauling everything, from its selection of supplements, their formulas, and appearance.

Nutrex is certainly making it sound like its “rebirth” is going to be something significant, although it is difficult not to think about the build-up of the warrior products, and again, that didn’t turn out to be as exceptional as we had hoped. Regardless, we’re back, falling into the latest hype train from Nutrex, and no matter how it turns out, we look forward to seeing everything the brand has been working on and what its rebirth is all about.

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