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Panda blends strawberry and watermelon for the third flavor of its nootropic competitor

Panda Strawberry Watermelon Focus

Since coming to market, Panda Supplements has been relatively full-on, to the point where if it’s not teasing or revealing something, it’s releasing an entirely new supplement or adding another flavor to something it already has on the market. The flavor side of things is what we have for you today, with the still relatively young and growing Panda expanding the menu of its well-put-together competitor in the nootropic category, appropriately named Focus.

Panda Supplements’ energy and focus-fueling supplement Focus comes with all you need to deliver its key benefits, including a gram of tyrosine, half a gram of alpha-GPC, and a combined 250mg of caffeine from anhydrous and Infinergy di-caffeine malate. Previously there were only two flavors on the menu of the product in Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Peach Gummy Rings, which now sit alongside Strawberry Watermelon over at

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