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RYSE unveils flavor number eight for its hit energy drink in Peach Cooler

Peach Cooler Ryse Fuel

A refreshing new flavor has been announced for the popular, tasty, and energizing beverage RYSE Fuel, from, of course, the sports nutrition supplement company RYSE. The brand has actually only added two tastes to the menu of the product since its debut of Smarties, Tiger’s Blood, RingPop Berry Blast, Baja Cooler, and Sunny D, with those flavor extensions being Kool-Aid Tropical Punch and Country Time Lemonade.

The next addition to the list of flavors for the popular RYSE Fuel energy drink is not authentic, like Kool-Aid Tropical Punch or Country Time Lemonade, making it the first regular extension and third non-authentic collaboration the product has to choose from. The popular brand is aiming for a sweet peach taste in Peach Cooler, which can be an incredibly delicious experience, as seen in Monster’s on-point Ultra Peachy Keen.

The undoubtedly tasty and no calorie Peach Cooler RYSE Fuel energy drink sounds as though it’ll be out and available in stores shortly and the beverage can now be found all over the place, including the likes of The Vitamin Shoppe, where you can purchase individual cans as well as cases at $29.99.