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Per4m is doubling the size of its more premium protein for a better value option

Per4m 2kg Tub Of Isolate Zero

When it comes to sizes in supplements, bigger is almost always better, as you essentially end up being rewarded for spending more. The classic example is protein powder, where larger 4lb and 5lb tubs save you a good amount of money compared to a smaller 2lb or even 1lb, excluding any sales. Per4m in the UK is coming out with precisely that for its premium and lean whey isolate-powered supplement Isolate Zero.

Currently, when it comes to Isolate Zero, Per4m has only one size available in a traditional 2lb option, providing 27g of protein per serving with under a gram of carbohydrates and fat for an incredibly lean 109 calories. The price of that size directly through the brand’s online store is £42.99, although sometime soon, there will finally be a bigger way to go in the form of a 2kg container, which works out to about 4.4lbs.

The over double-sized Isolate Zero will be more cost-effective than Per4m’s current 2lber; however, we’re not sure by how much yet as the price tag for the product has not been shared. Either way, you can guarantee it’ll be cheaper, and by the looks of things, you’ll be able to grab all five flavors of the protein powder in the 4.4lb option with Chocolate Cream, Brownie Batter, White Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and Vanilla.

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