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PEScience is about to drop a baking mix to create protein-packed waffles and pancakes

Pescience Protein Waffle And Pancake Mix

At its heart, PEScience is a sports nutrition company, although it has come out with several products and made many moves that have created a functional side. It has a Cafe Series of Select Protein, Protein4Oats, superfood supplements like Reds & Blues and Greens & Superfoods for smoothies, and don’t forget its Select Multi-Purpose protein for baking. The brand is preparing to drop another functional item in Protein Waffle & Pancake Mix.

As you could probably guess by the name, PEScience’s Protein Waffle & Pancake Mix is indeed a baking mix for you to turn into delicious and fluffy waffles and pancakes that are packed full of protein. The product will provide 15g of protein per serving of waffles or pancakes, you can turn the functional mix into either, with reasonable carbohydrates, fat, and calories, and it’s easy to make, simply add water and treat it like an ordinary batter.

Typically when we hear about new products from PEScience, it is because they’re about to become available or they just dropped, with the former being the case with Protein Waffle & Pancake Mix. The functional mix is going live on the brand’s website in a little less than one week on Monday the 5th of next month. It’ll have a classic Homestyle Buttermilk flavor with plenty of powder in each bag for several high-protein breakfasts.

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