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Razorwire gives back to its original gaming supplement in a citrusy Orange flavor

Razorwire Orange Energy Fromula

Razorwire Energy is one of the more popular gaming supplement companies out of the UK, and it is not exclusive to the powder format like many others in the growing category. Razorwire started with a flavored product available in bulk tubs as well as single-serving sachets, and eventually moved into the busy world of carbonated beverages with a reasonably strong competitor considering it was its first effort in the space.

This month, Razorwire Energy is giving back to its original supplement, the obviously named Energy Formula, which isn’t short on options with a full family of traditional tastes like Cherry, Tropical, Watermelon, Sweet Lemonade, and Blue Raspberry. Now also on that list is another straightforward, single fruit-based Orange, only available in tubs at the moment, not the sachets, with a 60-serving size costing £34.99 (44.22 USD).

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