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Premium KSM-66 gets its own standalone product at SSA Supplements in South Africa

Ssa Supplements Ashwa Ksm 66

SSA Supplements in South Africa has another product for fans to easily add to their monthly stack for a lengthy list of study-backed benefits and effects. The supplement is built to support hormone health, boost testosterone, reduce stress, improve recovery, and enhance sleep, which is certainly a robust combination of benefits. All of those come from just one ingredient, as the latest from the brand is indeed a standalone item in capsule format, although the ingredient is not anything standard.

Ashwa KSM-66 is SSA Supplements’ latest effort, and as the name and list of effects suggest, it is a capsule product centered around the premium and proven KSM-66 ashwagandha. The brand has included the high-quality ashwagandha at its full amount of 600mg in each of Ashwa KSM-66’s two capsule servings. There are a few retailers already stocking the straightforward standalone supplement, such as Prime Growth Nutrition, which sells it at a very reasonable R215.26 (10.88 USD).