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As Australia and New Zealand move into winter V rolls out a fruity Tropical Tang flavor

Tropical Tang V Energy Drink

V is a New Zealand energy drink manufactured by Frucor and dominantly available extensively throughout New Zealand as well as the neighboring country of Australia. It started with a distinctive original flavor and has expanded to a full family of products, including its refreshingly fruity Refresh Series. The beverage brand has just dropped a new flavor for its signature energy drink as both Australia and New Zealand head into winter.

The latest flavor creation from V, available in both of the countries it has an incredibly strong presence in, is Tropical Tang, featuring an obviously tropical fruit taste and coming in an eye-catching pink-colored can. The product currently only appears to be available in the brand’s larger 500ml size, not its slim and sleek 250ml, which has a hefty 55.7g of carbohydrates, almost all of that sugar at 55.4g of that sugar, and around 238 calories.

Unfortunately, there is no sugar-free variant available for the all-new Tropical Tang V energy drink, which is something the brand has available in other flavors. The caffeine count in the beverage is a moderate 156mg, similar to the likes of Monster Ultra, and again it is rolling out across Australia and New Zealand to V’s many stockists, from convenience stores and gas stations, through to major supermarkets like Coles and Countdown.

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