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Italy’s Tsunami puts premium CarniPure into a standalone liquid supplement

Tsunami Nutrition Liquid Carnipure

Following our post from just an hour or so ago, we have another drop to highlight from the Italian sports nutrition brand Tsunami Nutrition, completely separate from Shock Pure, although this one is also a liquid supplement. The differences here are that the formula isn’t anywhere near as advanced, but it is a bulk product with a sizeable 66 servings a bottle or half that at 33 servings if you want a more substantial dose.

Tsunami Nutrition’s other release is straightforwardly named in Liquid CarniPure, and it is precisely that; a bottle of CarniPure branded l-carnitine in flavored liquid to support metabolism and weight loss. As mentioned, it is available in a bulk bottle of 66 servings, providing a gram of Carnipure per serving, or if you want to double up for 2g, whether that’s at once or spread across two servings a day, it’ll be 33 servings.

Liquid CarniPure from Tsunami Nutrition has a nice selection of flavors right from the get-go in four, all of them themed around a single or group of fruits with Red Fruits, Lemon, Apple, and a sweet Raspberry.