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Europe’s Tsunami squeezes pre-workout ingredients into its 60ml shot Shock Pure

Tsunami Nutrition Shock Pure

The beverage format has exploded these past few years, where we now have a much higher amount of sports nutrition brands with some sort of drink in their lineup, whether it be a carbonated option, a traditional still RTD, or even a shot. Tsunami Nutrition has just dropped a beverage that fits right into that discussion in the compact and convenient shot format, although it is a bit more than your usual straightforward energy shot.

Tsunami Nutrition’s Shock Pure is a relatively simple pre-workout formula, jammed into a 60ml beverage that you can throw back whenever and wherever you are. The combination of ingredients squeezed into the pocket-sized supplement isn’t as complex as a powder format pre-workout, but again, it is more advanced than a typical energy shot with something like a mix of caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, and glucuronolactone.

Shock Pure brings together components commonly found in a powder pre-workout, such as 2g each arginine AKG and pure citrulline for muscle pumps, a solid 3g of beta-alanine to support performance, a gram of taurine, B vitamins, and an energizing 200mg of caffeine. Again, it is not as loaded as a pre-workout that comes in a tub of bulk powder and has multiple servings; however, it offers a lot more than the usual shot-format competitor.

Tsunami Nutrition’s shot style pre-workout is available now in its home country and region, including through its own online store, where single bottles of Shock Pure will cost you €3.49 (3.86 USD) in your choice of two fruity flavors; Red Fruits and Apple.