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UXO is massively increasing the serving size for its sequel pre-workout Send It V2

Uxo Supplements Teases Coming Of Send It V2

UXO Supplements knows how to put together quality sports nutrition products, with its pre-workout Send It being a great example of that, packed full of reliable ingredients and effective dosages. The highlights of that supplement include 6g of pure citrulline and 1.5g of Nitrosigine to power muscle pumps, a full 3.2g of beta-alanine to support performance, 100mg of CoqnatiQ, previously Neurofactor, and 275mg of caffeine for energy.

We brought up the pre-workout Send It as UXO Supplements has announced that it is about to relaunch that product with a completely refreshed formula, and based on the details it’s shared, it’ll be one to watch out for. The brand has said its upcoming Send It V2 will feature a roughly 50% bigger serving size, leaving plenty of room for more ingredients and dosages, with four of those components named so far.

UXO Supplements will be keeping the pump-enhancing Nitrosigine for its sequel pre-workout Send It V2, presumably at the same 1.5g a serving, as well as CognatiQ to improve mental focus. There are also two ingredients we know have been added, in zumXR extended-release caffeine for longer-lasting energy, and huperzine a to further support the product’s focus effect.

While we clearly don’t know much about what UXO Supplements has changed for Send It V2, the statement of a 50% larger serving size weighing 22.4g is more than enough to get our attention and be eager for more information. By the sounds of things, the reformulated pre-workout will be completely revealed and released shortly, with much more in the formula than what we mentioned above, including three other premium ingredients.