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Protein-packed MyBar returns and quickly sells out with a restock on the way

Where To Buy Prosupps Returning Mybar

The return of ProSupps’ original hit protein bar, MyBar, went down earlier this week, although if you weren’t on the legacy brand’s website when it went live, you would have missed out as the product has completely sold out. The protein-packed snack debuted in all three of its flavors — Caramel Craze, Peanut Butter Paradise, and Triple Chocolate — at $39.99 for a box of 12 bars, which is high, but keep in mind this is not a typical size bar.

There is a restock confirmed and coming soon to ProSupps’ official online store at, although you’ll want to be signed up to its email list to be notified as soon as it’s back and not risk missing out as that could easily happen again. While the MyBar is out of stock and not available for purchase currently, we figured we’d share the complete nutrition profile of the product to completely prepare fans for when it returns.

As mentioned, ProSupps’ 2023 edition of MyBar is closer to MyBar Pro from back in the day, as like that since discontinued product, the all-new MyBar packs 30g of protein into a sizeable 88g bar. That protein is alongside some similarly high other macros with 15 to 17g of fat, 29 to 30g of carbohydrates, 2 to 5g of that sugar, and calories ranging from 360 to 380, which is not a bad balance, again, similar to the original MyBar Pro at 330 calories.

We’re not sure exactly when ProSupps is restocking MyBar, only that it is happening shortly, so again, keep an eye on the brand’s online store at and sign up to its email list, where it’ll no doubt reach out to fans when the protein bar becomes available again.

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