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Ghost creates a glow-in-the-dark energy drink for EDC and announces a smaller 8.4oz size

Wide Awake Watermelon Ghost Energy

Ghost has already done a few reskins of its popular energy drink, Ghost Energy, all of them specifically being special edition variants of the smooth Orange Cream flavor of the product. We’ve got news of another partnership this week between the original lifestyle supplement company and the music festival giant Insomniac, where Ghost has signed a multi-year deal to be the exclusive energy drink partner for all of its events.

The partnership between the brand and event organizer is kicking off at the upcoming Electric Daisy Carnival, or more briefly EDC, in Las Vegas, this weekend from Friday right through until Sunday. Not only will Ghost’s energy drink be there in full force, but by way of a special edition version. The brand has created a limited-time flavor reskin in partnership with EDC called Wide Awake Watermelon, and it features an eye-catching design.

You can see the Wide Wake Watermelon Ghost Energy in the image above, although something you can’t see in there is that the can itself glows in the dark, allowing its intricate details to shine through even after the sun goes down. In addition to the special edition product at EDC this weekend, Ghost is also debuting its significantly slimmer, shorter, and almost half-sized 8.4oz can of Ghost Energy, a signature size of Red Bull.

The smaller 8.4oz Ghost Energy will be at EDC in two of its already available flavors, Orange Cream and Tropical Mango, and presumably, this is where it’ll be introduced and then become available elsewhere. For those that aren’t going to EDC this weekend but are fans of the beverage and want to get our hands on the exclusive glow-in-the-dark Wide Wake Watermelon Ghost Energy, there is currently a giveaway over on Instagram.