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Mark Bell expands Steak Shake into a family of seasonings also made with organ meats

Within You Steak Shakers Seasonings

Mark Bell’s supplement company, Within You, maker of products like This Is The Whey, Keto Pro, and the unique organ meats formula Steak Shake, has introduced an addition to its line that is very different from anything else it has. The item is a spin-off of sorts of Steak Shake named Steak Shakers, and while the name and some features are similar, the format is far beyond that of the brand’s original organ meat-filled protein powder.

Within You’s Steak Shakers is basically a family of seasonings that you would use like any other seasoning by sprinkling it on your food as you cook or when you’re finished. What makes the product something different is like Steak Shake, Steak Shakers are made with a variety of organ meats. The brand has packed five specific beef organs into its seasoning with desiccated kidney, liver, heart, pancreas, and spleen powder.

Those organ meats obviously come alongside critical ingredients to add a classic seasoning taste to your food, like rosemary, basil, and garlic. There are four flavors to choose from for the Within You product, all familiar tastes in Taco, Italian, Montreal Steak, and Himalayan Salt. Directly from the brand’s website, you’ll pay $12.99 a bottle for a 3oz bottle of Steak Shakers, and there is free shipping if you get your order to $100.