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Growing Wolf Supplements wants to get you a good night’s sleep with KSM-66 and Zylaria

Wolf Supplements Full Moon

Wolf Supplements is a relatively young and growing supplement company over in the UK that is about to expand its selection of realistically only pre-workouts to include the recovery-supporting world of sleep products. As you can see in the name of the brand itself, there is a theme throughout the titles of Wolf’s supplements with Wolf Juice, Juice On Juice, and Wolf Pump, and to keep that going, its sleep formula is called Full Moon.

On the outside, Wolf Supplements’ Full Moon looks relatively straightforward with black text on a white background, but on the inside, things get a little more complex. To ensure you get a better night’s sleep, leading to improved and enhanced recovery, the product features three different premium and proven ingredients alongside a couple of standard components in half a gram of magnesium and 200mg of the relaxing theanine.

The premium portion of Full Moon’s formula is made up of the multi-study-backed and multi-benefit KSM-66 ashwagandha at 200mg a serving and a solid half-gram dose of what has become one of our favorite sleep ingredients, Zylaria. The third and final branded ingredient in Wolf Supplements’ nighttime solution is BioPerine at 10mg a serving to improve the uptake and absorption of the formula for better efficacy and results.

Internationally, the ingredients available to use in a sleep product are limited, so it’s not often you see them outside of the US, but that is what we have here today from Wolf Supplements and its KSM-66 and Zylaria-powered Full Moon. The product has yet to arrive but should be here in the coming weeks, and between now and then, you can pre-order it in tubs of 30 servings with two flavors to choose from in Grape and Strawberry.