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Clinically studied NutroxSun takes the lead in Zhou’s latest beauty product Glowfluence

Zhou Nutrition Glowfluence

Lifestyle and active nutrition supplement company Zhou Nutrition has built up and launched a premium beauty product that’s not only separate from its other entries in that category but can be used alongside them. The supplement is named Glowfluence, and the reason it’s so versatile and can stack with the likes of Zhou’s Collagen Peptides, Hairfluence, and Resveratrol, is that it’s based primarily around a single ingredient.

The driving force behind Zhou Nutrition’s Glowfluence is 100mg of NutroxSun, a premium blend, half of which is grapefruit extract and the other half is rosemary extract. In a clinical study, NutroxSun proved it could decrease the depth of wrinkles and skin elasticity for a better overall appearance. The other proven benefit of the ingredient is where it gets its name from, as it also protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

To add a bit more to Glowfluence and round out the experience, Zhou Nutrition has included the reliable antioxidant vitamin C at a light 18mg, and 120mg of the very common beauty and joint health component hyaluronic acid. Altogether, the supplement is a great source of antioxidants, protects you from the sun, and supports skin appearance and health; once again, powered by the clinically studied blend of NutroxSun.

Zhou Nutrition isn’t selling Glowfluence for all that much, pricing a bottle of 30 servings in its online store at $18.99, and with free shipping on purchases over $30, two bottles of the NutroxSun supplement or even Glowfluence and another beauty-based product will get it to your doorstep free.

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