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Apollon turns up the Paradoxine and GBB in its already very effective thermogenic

Apollon Nutrition Molotov V2

Apollon Nutrition is heavily known for its pre-workouts in the high-powered Assassin and the more balanced Hooligan, although over the last few years, it has expanded its premium formulation approach into many other categories. One of the spaces the hardcore brand has grown its presence is weight loss, where in late 2021, fans were introduced to an extremely effective stimulant-free thermogenic by the name of Molotov.

In Apollon Nutrition’s usual fashion, it is reworking the ingredients and dosages in the one-and-a-half-year-old Molotov to make the experience that little bit better. We tend to see notable changes when the brand decides to reformulate a supplement; however, on this one, it’s nothing overly significant. There is a reason for that; as mentioned, Molotov is ridiculously effective, being one of the most sweat-inducing products we’ve experienced, so there is no real need for any drastic changes.

Apollon Nutrition Molotov V2 Label

Apollon Nutrition is keeping almost everything exactly the same for its Molotov sequel, as it still has 2g of acetyl-l-carnitine, 100mg of Capsimax, and half a gram of premium Mitoburn. The differences are that the other two ingredients from the original are in there in Paradoxine branded grains of paradise and GBB, but at slightly higher amounts, with 250mg of Paradoxine instead of 225, and 20% more GBB at 60mg from 50.

With the first iteration of Molotov already having no difficulty in increasing thermogenesis, enhancing metabolism, and supporting weight loss, we can only imagine the same formula with more of two ingredients, will be a touch better. The follow-up fat-burning supplement is going live in Apollon Nutrition’s online store this coming Friday for the same premium price tag as its predecessor at $64.95 for a bottle of 30, four-capsule servings.